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The Ambient Century - Mark Prendergast

UK Edition Release
New 2003/2009 Edition

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The Ambient Century - Mark Prendergast

US Edition Release
New 2003 Edition
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UK Edition Release
November 2000
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US Edition Release
January 2001
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Published by Bloomsbury Books


About The Author


MarkMark Prendergast,born in Dublin,began his career as a New Music writer for the Irish Times just as post-punk music was kicking off. He quickly graduated to authoring the world's first ever book on Irish Rock in 1987. This was expanded to the Isle Of Noises in 1990 and published in the U.S. Since then he has written about classical and rock music for newspapers, journals, magazines and web pages worldwide. Resident in London for 25 years the five different versions of his Ambient Century are the culmination of decades listening to music without prejudice literally with 'all gates open'.

In recent years he has esconced himself in the Hi-Fidelity arena writing for Future Publishing, Hi-Fi Plus and Hi News & Record Review. He has also busied himself in other areas: judging a Classical music competition; writing the booklet for and involvement in Sacred Selections, a Newcastle based concept around the transcription of various popular musics to church organs;and doing extensive research and writing for a recent Sound Art installation at the Mazzoli Gallery in Berlin. Reviews have been very positive for his involvement as interviewee and expert in five films for Chrome Dreams: David Bowie:Under Review 1976-1979, Pink Floyd:Meddle-A Classic Album Under Review,Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution,Depeche Mode-The Dark Progression, and Brian Eno:The Man Who Fell To Earth 1971-1977. He is also the author of the comprehensive booklet histories of Tangerine Dream contained in Tangents:Tangerine Dream 1973-1984 and Tangerine Dream:The Dream Roots Collection 1969-1996. Though still currently working on a new book on The Durutti Column he has been honoured as guest speaker at one of America's first Ambient music festivals AMBIcon 2013 in San Rafael in California. See



First Set

  1. Claude Debussy:Prelude A L'Apres Midi DUne Faune (Alain Lombard and the Orchestra Philharmonic De Strasbourg 1975)(On Debussy In Paris, Erato, 1990)
  2. Erik Satie:Gnossienne No 3 (Reinbert de Leeuw, Amsterdam,1977) (On Satie The Early Piano Works, Philips Classics Duo, 1998)
  3. Erik Satie:Furniture Music 2 (Carrelage Phonique) (Rec 1980 Eglise du  Liban) (On Satie-Relache, Vexations, Furniture Music, Apex, 2004)
  4. Olivier Messiaen:Jardin Du Sommeil D Amour (Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Philharmonia Orchestra London 1986) (On To The Edge Of Dream, Sony
    Classical, 1993)
  5. Edgard Varese:Poeme Electronique (Institute For Sonology The Hague,
    The Netherlands, 1958) (On The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music,Ohm, 2000)
  6. John Cage:In A Landscape (Composed 1948, Recorded Stephen Drury NYC 1993) (On In A Landscape, Catalyst, 1994)
  7. Karlheinz Stockhausen:Choral (Composed 1950, Recorded 1975 in NDR ) (On Stockhausen 1, Stockhausen Verlag, 2002)
  8. Terry Riley:A Rainbow In Curved Air (Recorded NYC, 1969)(On ŒA Rainbow In Curved Air, CBS CD 1990)
  9. Philip Glass:Opening (Recorded 1982, NYC) (On Glassworks, CBS Masterworks CD, 1985)
  10. Brian Eno:1/1 (Recorded with Robert Wyatt London 1978) (On Music
    For Airports, Editions EG CD, 1990)
  11. Harold Budd:Bismillahi Rrahman Rrahman. (Written in 1974, composed
    by Marion Brown) (Recorded in 1976 London by Brian Eno & Rhett Davies)
    (Released in 1978)(On the Editions EG CD The Pavilion Of Dreams 1992)
  12. Arvo Part:Spiegel Im Spiegel (Written 1978, recorded 1995 in Festburgkirche, Frankfurt) (From ECM New Series CD Alina,1999)

Second Set

  1. The Grateful Dead:Dark Star (Original take Feb 27th 1969, Fillmore West San Francisco) (Taken from Fillmore West 1969-The Complete Recordings, 2005)
  2. Jimi Hendrix:The Sea.... Eventually (On the album 'Beautiful People-If 60s Were 90s', Essential,1992)
  3. NEU!:Im Gluck (Taken from NEU! the debut LP, 1971) (On the NEU! CD
    released by Gronland 2001)
  4. Jean Michel Jarre:Oxygene Pt IV (Written and Recorded 1976, Paris) (On Epic Millenium Edition of Oxygene 1999)
  5. Vangelis:Memories Of Green (Written 1982 Nemo Studios, London) (On Blade Runner OST, East West, 1994)
  6. Pete Namlook/Klaus Schulze:Psychedelic Brunch V (On The Dark Side of The Moog V, FAX, 1996)
  7. DJ Shadow:Transmission 2 (Prelude to Midnight In A Perfect World) (On Entroducing, Mo Wax, 1996)
  8. Genie Cosmas/Robert Wyatt/Jon Tye:Cry From The City 2 (On Cry From The City-Music 4 Film, TV & Radio, Stream Records, 2010)
  9. Biosphere:Green Reflections (Including samples from Debussys La Mer)
    (On Geir Jenssens Biosphere CD Shenzhou, Beatservice Records, Norway
Audience applause and appreciation was the overwhelmingly positive response to these presentation sets of music. Mark Prendergast, May 2013.


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